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Lindsay started his photography career aged 17, trained by Jim Grierson and Ian Campbell,
two commercial photographers that he will always be indebted too. The traditional skllls
they handed down, were honed by Lindsay and still to this day are his most prized asset. 

As a young photographer he immediately found the avenue for his creativity and his life.
Spending the first months being trained in 'darkroom skills' before even being let loose with
a camera, Hand printing giant enlargements, and the skills of wet mounting. The largest
prints some 15'x25' for the Post Office HQ in Edinburgh. Then assisting on high end
advertising campaigns to studio pack shots. Every assignment to Lindsay though, was being
absorbed as his experience grew.

His photographic encounters reads like a who's who alone. Having photographed every
Prime Minister since Callaghan, Royalty, Musicians and Personalities. Industrial subjects
taken from atop tower cranes, hanging out of helicopters, to the bowels of nuclear
submarines. Experiences which Lindsay thrived on and still appreciates to this day.

During his 'apprenticeship' he was entrusted to capture historic images of Glasgow's
underground railway before its modernisation. Whilst head photographer at a Clydeside
shipyard his images recorded the traditions of shipbuilding now long gone. Documentary 
work which years later culminated in commissions from the New York Times to cover subjects 
from drug abuse to the Edinburgh International Festival.

Lindsay's first exhibition was a Multi Vision installation during the Edinburgh Festival in 1976.
Also a gifted musician, he wrote and recorded the soundtrack to accompany his imagery
depicting 'creation'.

Establishing his own studios Strawberry Productions in the late 70's, he created one of the 
most respected studios in the Country. There he specialised in photography for the food and
drink industry, product and fashion photography, special effects photography (before
computer imaging). From these studios creating imagery for National and International
advertising campaigns and clients. 

Having the vision to see where trends were heading his creativity was foremost, whether
working with advertising agencies, art directors, designers or direct clients each image
created was crafted specifically to 'speak'. Award winning brochures and annual reports for
some of the largest companies in the UK followed, establishing his art and experience
alongside his personality and character as a trusted and creative image maker.

Lindsay would always find time to pursue his passion for landscape photography. This
dedication to his personal art led to a diversion whereby he established his own Fine Art
gallery in Edinburgh. With his fine art black and white photography now becoming saught
after, his work was recognised by the Eastman House in the USA, the worlds pre-eminant
museum of photography. This relationship with the Eastman House led to his joint exhibition
alongside the work of Ansel Adams. Personally seen as the pinnacle of his achievements and
recognition of his standing as one of the UK's finest landscape photographers.

He still acknowledges the two men that initially taught him the skills required for his art and
their encouragement. Having the eyes to see so that others can witness what they dont see
is regarded as a privilage by Lindsay.
Photo+Graphic+Art Studios, Rex Stewart Advertising - Glasgow
Clients: Royal Bank of Scotland, Bovis, Babtie Shaw & Morton, GGPT 
Studio Swain - Glasgow, Senior Photographer
Clients: Coats, Timex, Templeton Carpets, 
Yarrow Shipbuilders - Glasgow, Head of Photographic Department 
Multi-Vision Photography Exhibit, Edinburgh 1976 
Landscape Photography Exhibition, Glasgow & Edinburgh 1977
Studio inception ... Strawberry Productions Audio Visual Studios - Glasgow, est. 1978 
Multimedia studios pioneering multivision projection programmes.
Clients: Honeywell UK, Honeywell USA, Terex, Grant Forrest Advertising, Stakis Hotels 
Studio relocation ... Strawberry Productions Photographic Studios - Edinburgh,1984 
Full service photographic studios incorporating in house processing laboratory. 
Clients: S&N, SDA, Ferranti, Bank of Scotland, British Coal, BP, Canon, British Midland, British Aerospace, 
Scottish Landscape Photographic Project 
Studio expansion ... including design facility 
Clients: British Nuclear Fuels, Scottish Widows, Standard Life, Lothian health, Belhaven, Digital Computers,
Readers Digest, National Trust, Wayne Dresser, Lloyds TSB, Scottish Equitable, Scottish Office, Scottish
Enterprise, Miller Homes, Wimpey, Maersk, McDonalds, Kwik Fit, Gore, Fosters, Kronenberg, Becks, Distillers,
Bowmore, Royalite, Muir Homes, Landmark, Gates Rubber, 
Scottish Coastline Photographic Project 
Studio diversification ... the digital revolution 
Clients: John Lewis, Standard Life Investments, KPMG, Edinburgh University, Aberdeen Asset Management 
One18 Gallery - Edinburgh Fine Art Gallery est. 2002 by Lindsay Robertson
Standard Life corporate branding - 2003 
California Landscape Photographic Project - 2003 
Photography Lecturing - 2002-2005 
Hermitage Artist Retreat, Florida - Resident Artist - 2005 
Florida Landscape Photographic Project 
Standard Life corporate branding - 2006
Landscape Photography Exhibition, New York - 2007 
Landscape Photography Exhibition, Sarasota, Florida - 2008
Aegon corporate branding - 2008
Joint exhibition with the Ansel Adams 'Celebration of Genius' Collection, Edinburgh - 2008
Four States Landscape Photographic Project - 2009
Studio consolidation ... commercial and fine arts
Photographic Charity Project (USA, UK) - 2010
Standard Life corporate re-branding - 2010 
Equine Photography (Establishing Horse Studios Photography : Equine Fine Art) - 2010
Sotheby's Exhibition and Auction, New York - 2010
The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh - 2011 and 2012
Horse of the Year Show exhibition - 2011
Dundas St. Gallery, exhibition - Edinburgh 2012
Royal Windsor Horse Show exhibition - 2012
Hickstead exhibition - 2012
BBC TV - featured on 'Show me the Monet' programme 2012

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